The Taste of Human Flesh

Posted on Saturday 11/04/2017 04:03:12

Nightbreed emailed me the above image, and asked me to upload it to a hosting site and link to it here. I was happy to do so; I wish that those selling human flesh for human consumption should be able to do so as freely in the West as they are in South Korea. Cannibalism is far too much of a taboo subject to us. We should speak about it to our children more openly if we wish to live in a healthy society, don’t you think?

It is also a boon to those with strong nationalistic feelings; in the United States, for example, such foodstuffs would be labelled ‘Tastes of Americans!’; only the flesh of those with full US citizenship would ever be used. It would help to make America great again!

  • kittenheel Says:
    The menu at one of our local restaurants has the following food categories: Steak, Fish, Pasta, Chicken, Children Under 12.

  • Simon Says:
    It’s good to see that SOME people are prepared to be open about their cannibalistic tastes, despite all the political correctness that is destroying America.

  • lunamor Says:
    I never knew I wanted to taste a Korean til now.

  • Nightbreed Says:
    You'll like it, Luna! Trust me! (≧∇≦)

  • snow Says:
    Does that say "char-grilled flavor squid"?

  • Simon Says:
    It does! Who could resist such a dish?
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